Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Intervista a Lucia Nimcova

© Lucia Nimcova

Lucia Nimcova e` una giovane fotografa slovacca che ha compiuto una serie di progetti e documentari sociali nei paesi dell`est e centro Europa. Quest`anno partecipera`con una personale al Festival Internazionale Fotografia di Roma come vincitrice del primo concorso indetto dal festival. Lucia, che ora vive a new York ci ha concesso questa intervista via email.
PH39 - What attracted you to photography and how your interest developed?

Lucia Nimcova - I started when I was nine years old, so I did not think that much about it then? I just liked it, and it is more or less same now.

PH39- How would you define your work?

LN - "Expected comes unexpectedly."

PH39- Is there a project in your work that shifted your approach to a different research process?

LN - Every project I do is somehow different for me, so I need to find right way how to work on it. For example when I was working on project Rusyns [] I realized that music was more important for me than photography, so we did also music CD, which accompanied photo book.

PH39- How do you choose your subjects and could you be accused of exploiting them?

LN - All subjects I am working on are usually very personal to me, or they disturb me a lot, so I want to know why? Line between working on subject and exploiting it is very narrow … I try to be honest … but at the end it is up to people to judge.

PH39 - Would you say your work is feminist?

LN - I hope I will never belong to any box. Term feminism has different meanings in every country, cultural context and time.
I do not think I am competent to talk about feminism, but if somebody thinks, that my work is feminist, I do not have a problem with it.

PH39 - Is your work seen differently abroad or do you perceive a different reaction to it?

LN - It is an hard question? I do not know? I would say, that I am always surprised that sometimes people from different part of the world can understand my work better than me.

PH39 -You are now staying in NYC for a while and doing residency in Netherlands, can you see a different approach to contemporary photography between the two sides of the ocean?

LN -You can see different approach to contemporary photography in every country even if you stay in Europe. It depends on education, tradition and people, who are active and influential. I think it is often very healthy not to belong to any of those groups.

PH39 - Can you tell us about your next project or what are you working on right now?

LN - I am working on my education and fighting with ignorants around the world. It is my never-ending project.

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