Thursday, 28 February 2008

Jeff Wall, the Luminist

Justine Kurland © The artist in his studio

Un essay che descrive il lavoro di Jeff Wall, il suo studio di composizione dell`immagine ed esperimenti. Lubow narra il percorso formativo e di ricerca dell` artista, l`interesse per l`arte concettuale e la meticolosita` nel coordinare ogni lavoro. Merita certamente una lettura.

by Arthur Lubow for The New York Times Magazine
On a damp winter morning, 20 weather-beaten men waited at a bleak corner in east Vancouver. You can find scenes like this in most cities: places where laborers gather, hoping that a van will pull up with an employer offering cash in return for a day’s work. This scene, however, was riddled with curious anomalies, starting with the middle-aged figure dressed in black who stood behind a tripod-mounted camera and patiently watched the men wait. And what were the men waiting for? Not a job. That they already had, courtesy of the photographer, Jeff Wall, who had hired them at the actual “cash corner” where they normally congregated and then bused them to this spot he preferred a half-hour’s drive away.

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