Monday, 9 June 2008

Descubrimientos 08

Yann Goss ©

Yann Gross is the winner of Descubrimientos 2008 at Photoespana. The 70 finalists from 42 different countries were chosen from more than 900 international portfolio. During the festival all finalist had a chance to present their works to top curators, gallery owners, publishers and other photography experts.

Yann work "Horizonville " is a journey into a swiss valley documenting people and their American dream. Yann sais "Most of the people I photographed haven’t ever been in the United State of America. They feel a sense of belonging to another culture that they don’t really know. Far from the Swiss stereotypes, the confusion of symbols and the lifestyle of the people take us in a strange atmosphere, a dreamed reality which doesn’t exist in facts.

To see more of his works click here.

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