Friday, 20 June 2008

Basilico Book on Rome

Gabriele Basilico ©

Last week a presentation of Gabriele Basilico new book on Rome took place at FNAC Milan. Two italian curator, Angela Madesani and Roberta Valtorta where introducing Basilico new book and giving their view on the project and evolution of the photographer`s work. Roma 2007, title of the book, is Basilico first entire book with colour photographs, 80 images with an opaque light that the photographer describes as less photographic but more real.
Valtorta who has followed Basilico`s work for over thirty years, has defined this book as a clear passage into a new type of photography for Basilico "a new vision of his photography" where the colour is the new element. Angela Madesani was also welcoming this new approach when introducing the book to the audience describing his use of colour as "pictorial and almost romantic" view of the capital.
Basilico approached the project on Rome by following his river. The Tevere with his bridges was the road and the only guide for Basilico taking him into hidden and new places of the city. The photographer also used the edges of the river as his viewpoint, giving him a peek into natural and urban landscape from the north to the south of the capital.

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