Friday, 5 December 2008

A human vision

© Timotheus Tomicek

I recently met with Timotheus Tomicek from Vienna at a Festival in eastern Europe and i was impressed with his project Something Human You can see an online book version of the project on his website. Timotheus says about this work:

"is solely about pointing to the traces and effects of human behavior.
I steer clear both of exceptions and the exceptional. Instead, I search out
the opposite of so-called attractions. The ingredients are of a rather simple
kind. Any truth contained in these images is based on correspondences and
analogies. If the represented alone came to the fore I would have missed my
mark. I am not aiming at the visible but at the invisible that it points us to.
The idea is to hit the nail on the head. Without hammer or nail"

© Timotheus Tomicek

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