Monday, 10 November 2008

Bratislava, Photography from the East

Symon Kliman ©

A few days ago Bratislava Month of Photography was taking place with a number of exhibition around town. Here is some of the interesting work that we found during during the Sittcomm Award and the Portfolio Review Slideshow.
Grzegorz Klatka with his car project, Symon Kliman with his Gypsies Made Nice, Maros Krivy with Green Dessert project and Mikolaj Dlugosz with the Real Foto series.
Filip Berendt was the winner of the Sittcomm Award.
Grzegorz Klatka ©

Filip Berendt ©

Mikolaj Dlugosz ©

Oliviero Toscani was also showing an installtion of 50 life size pictures of donkeys in the main square. Apparently Toscani did not show up for the presentation conference and later when we walked by the square a loud sound of donkey braying was organized in the square by the people waiting.


mrs. deane said...

Filip Berendt the winner? Awesome choice, he was my favorite too.

Ph39 said...

I have to say that on the night my favorite was the car project by Grzegorz Klatka.