Saturday, 17 May 2008

Forum on Landscape and Photography

Guido Guidi, Martesana, Cologno Monzese,1991

This weekend a very interesting forum took place at Colonia di Renesso near Genoa. "Lezioni di Paesaggio" is a forum with a series of meetings, lectures, exhibitions and installations.

The forum focus is on the following subtopic: Planning the Landscape - Defining the Landscape -Landscape Culture - Il Cinema and Landscape - Photography and Landscape - Contemporary Art and Landscape.

Landscape Lessons’s objective is to spread and excite a common culture starting with the definition the word landscape, with the belief that knowing it adequately makes it possible to establish a new and different relationship between disciplines, artefacts, reflections at the base of a contemporary culture. Therefore these Lessons are aimed to involve residents thoroughly by freely discussing information with architects, artists, curators, museum directors, geographer, photographers and writers. This careful thought on landscape will be carried out by the Colonia’s park where will be placed a series of site-specific works with the creation of temporary architectures (made by zerozoone and altro_studio), a work by landscape architects Land-I and two art installations (made by Silvia Cini and Guido Affini). A tribute will be given to the artist Ugo La Pietra by installing videos made in the Sixties. In addition you will enjoy a video by Fabrizio Basso, a screening of different artists focusing on landscape, by Elvira Vannini, a selection of videos from the archive Careof, by Mario Gorni and a special work created just for this occasion by Emilio Fantin. At the same time we will organize “Sguardi nel paesaggio”, a photographic exhibition, in order to show results of several searches carried out by a group of artists rising out of the international scenery.

Some of the guests invited to the photography forum:

Roberta Valtorta, Director of Museo di Fotografia Contemporanea,Vittore Fossati, Photographer ,Guido Guidi, Photographer - Roberto Maggiori, Director of the magazine Around Photography -Antonello Frongia, Historian of photography.

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